The ultimate financial platform.

Changing the way people track and manage their financial assets, crypto or not, and access world class financial expertise.
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Our vision

Galion’s ambition is second to none.
We aim to help people navigate the rapidly changing financial world as its being reinvented by blockchain entrepreneurs, by allowing you to efficiently manage all your funds using our unique platform and benefit from world-class expertise.

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Manage your entire financial life from a single interface.

Galion will allow you to handle all your assets and access all your financial services, crypto or not: bank accounts, crypto and fiat trading accounts, credit card services, etc. Say goodbye to your ten different apps, and make more efficient use of bircoin profit app.

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Access world class financial expertise.

Galion will deploy a revolutionary financial management platform, powered by the Galion Token to allow you to access the best financial expertise available. With the best financial advice, stay ahead with the latest and effective financial planning, spending, and trading. Additionally, you can refer to the beste indeksfond 2021 to see the best stock tips and avoid costly mistakes in terms of finance. Be it general newsfeed and analyses or tailored services such as financial audits or tax advice. Allow your financial life to reach new heights.

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Empower you to make smarter decisions for your money.

Galion will allow you to make informed decisions, by providing in-depth analysis of your portfolio performances, expenses and revenues in a clear interface and point you to the next best move for your particular situation.

Core features

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Manage all assets in one place, crypto or not

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Automatic tracking of assets

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Cross platform financial management

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Initiate transactions from Galion

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Access third party financial services from Galion

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Get tailored financial advice and services from top market experts

The Galion Marketplace

The Galion marketplace will connect users to financial experts providing a wide range of services.

A smart contract will be deployed on the Ethereum blockchain to act as a trustless intermediary between the user and the service provider. The Galion Oracle, integrated to the Galion marketplace, will act as the arbiter between the parties to guarantee the delivery of funds to the seller, or the refund to the buyer should the seller fail to fulfil his engagements.

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This project was born of the lack of a good portfolio management solution, which the market needed following the quick rise in the number of blockchains and tokens. To address this we developed our MVP, which is already the best portfolio tracker on the market, and will quickly turn into so much more as we progress towards our vision.

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Clear financial picture
Quickly check the evolution of your portfolio, and what you currently own without having to manually input every transaction you make.
Use our entirely modular approach based on accounts, portfolios and overall picture to tailor your portfolio tracking experience to your personal needs.
Stay up to date on the market by visualizing the Coinmarketcap top 100.
The Galion MVP is fully responsive, so you can use it via your mobile or tablet. Stay tuned, mobile apps are the first major milestones of our dense roadmap!


Until now
We have been hard at work since the first ideation, designing Galion with a very clear development philosophy: user centric, secure and privacy focused. We wanted to bring real value to our users from the very beginning while laying out sound foundations for the future.

Q3 2017
Building the team and the vision

The first step was to organize our interdisciplinary team. With different areas of expertise came different ways of seeing the world, which combined into a vision for Galion, fuelled by market observations and analyses on the future of the economy.

Q3 2017
Set-up of the technical infrastructure

We carefully thought out the design of the technical infrastructure so that it can scale easily, both in terms of functionalities and user number, while ensuring the security and confidentiality of all user data.

Q1 2018
Design of the user interface

User interface and experience is key in making Galion a successful product. We took great care to design a slick interface, smooth to navigate and ready to welcome new functionalities as we roll them out.

Q1 2018
First integration of major exchanges and blockchains

We wanted to pack as much value into our MVP as possible, so that our first users enjoy it from the get go; to this end we selected as our first integrations the most popular exchanges and blockchains.

S2 2018
Our priority will be to aggressively expand blockchains and exchanges integration and roll out mobile apps, while we scale our team, and further harden our architecture.

Q3 2018
Continuous integration of exchanges and blockchains

Our first order of business is to integrate all major blockchains and exchanges to leave no crypto users behind. We will pursue this goal aggressively and to add new integrations each week.

Q3 2018
Major security & architecture audits and release of the first premium features

In addition to a third-party security audit, we will set-up a bug bounty program on Bugcrowd to make sure our platform is still challenged in between audits. Following this audit we will release the first premium features.

Q4 2018
Galion iOS & Android apps

We will launch Galion iOS & Android apps, so that you can keep an eye on your assets even on the go, in a smooth, privacy friendly and secure package, synced across all your devices.

Q4 2018
Enabling transactions from Galion

Starting from Q4 2018, users will be progressively able to operate integrated exchanges directly from the Galion apps, giving them full access to their funds at any time, increasing flexibility, and making their entire crypto experience a breeze.

S1 2019
Once the most immediately required features are delivered and Galion is established as the best portfolio tracking app in the crypto ecosystem, we will focus on developing unique functionalities that will make it stand further from the crowd.

Q1 2019
Allowing experts to publish financial content

Experts will be able to publish news, analysis, and any other financial content on Galion. Using the Galion Token users will be able to subscribe to these contents, and rate them.

Q1 2019
Integration of decentralized exchanges 

Users will be able to enjoy the full flexibility and security of the main decentralized exchanges directly from the same Galion interface they use every day to manage their assets. Again, to select which exchanges we integrate first, we will frequently poll users.

Q2 2019
Crypto third-party services integration

We will start the continuous integration of the main crypto third-party services (payment services, credit and debit cards, loans, etc) to allow users to take advantage of services developed by talented blockchain entrepreneurs seamlessly from the Galion interface.

Q2 2019
Tax Calculation

To face the rapidly evolving crypto tax regulations, and make it easier for users to comply with complex tax declarations, we will progressively integrate tax calculation tools for each country within Galion.

S2 2019
After having established it as a dominant crypto powerhouse, we will take Galion one step closer to our final vision. As it incorporates access to traditional bank accounts and third party services, Galion will become the only financial app people need.

Q3 2019
Tailored services from financial experts

To further help users in their financial life, experts will be able to provide tailored services on the Galion platform, such as financial audit, tax advices, etc. These services will be powered by the Galion Token.

Q3 2019
Integration of traditional currency payment services

Based on relevance, we will integrate the various traditional payment so that users can keep track of any and all transactions no matter what tools they use.

Q3 2019
Traditional banks integration

Beginning of the continuous integration of traditional bank accounts and daily expenses to give users a global view of their financial life. This will allow Galion to further bridge the gap between the crypto and legacy worlds. Again, to select which banks we integrate first, we will frequently poll users.

Q4 2019
Legacy third-party financial services integration

Completing the legacy integration, we will give our users access to all the third party services they know and use daily. Galion will then offer the same set of features for both crypto and legacy assets.

Q4 2019
Algorithm platform

Users will be able to build and backtest their algorithm using Galion’s data and connections to accounts and services API. Users who developed an efficient algorithm will also be able to share them on the Galion Platform, and receive Galion Tokens from users who use it.

2020 & onwards
2020 will be the year Galion turns into the ultimate financial app. From there, we will continuously improve it to ensure Galion and its users remain one step ahead of the financial innovation. We will reach the vision we initially had in mind when founding the company, making it truly global and future proof.

Q1 2020
Fund managing services

Fund managers will be able to offer their services on the Galion Platform, and manage users fund directly from Galion. This will ensure that users remain in full control of their money, while selecting the exact level of control they give to their fund manager.

Q2 2020
AI powered financial assistant 

Giving access to exhaustive data is not enough: we have to further help users or experts make sense of it. To complement our refined user interface, we will develop and integrate a smart AI powered financial assistant within Galion to help users make better financial decisions.

The Galion Team

The Galion team is composed of talented, complementary and driven individuals with combined previous experience in the blockchain, cybersecurity, software engineering, consulting and start-up industries. They graduated from the top French engineering, business and law schools.

Edouard Viguier
Édouard has been working in the blockchain space for 3 years, supervising blockchain and cybersecurity projects for major banking and industrial clients. He’s also Deputy Director of the Homeland Security Committee, from the French leading youth think tank on security and defence matters. He graduated from France’s top law school, and is specialized in blockchain technologies, cyber security and defence law. He is the instigator of the Galion project.
Romain Bury
Romain has a 4 year experience as a digital strategy consultant, advising investment funds and some of the largest French companies in their strategies and acquisitions. He graduated from one of the most prestigious engineering schools in France with a dual master’s degree in economics and finance and innovation.
Charles Riche
Charles has spent four years working with the CEO and Managing Director at Devialet, one of France’s top startups, where he focused on financial communication and took part in the company’s last 100M€ fundraising round. He graduated from one of the most prestigious business schools in France with a master’s degree in management, strategy and marketing.
Emilien André
Émilien has been working for four years as a software engineer for TF1, Lagardère and Canal+. His work is focused on heavily multithreaded back end applications with high availability requirement and fast data processing capability for the media industry. Huge processing power and optimization are part of his daily job but can be better described as his passions. He is the brains behind Galion’s core technology. He holds a master’s degree in computer science.
Erwan Beauvois
VP Engineering
Erwan has worked for three years at Intent Technologies, a successful start-up, where he worked on back-end and front-end development as well as data processing and analysis. His strong knowledge of web apps and continuous integration will help Galion build a robust product. He holds a master’s degree in computer science focused on robotics and artificial intelligence.
Théo Jégousse
Product Design
Théo is an outstanding designer with a strong UI/UX sense. Over the past 10 years he has worked with prestigious clients (Orange, Arte, Devialet) to help them shape their visual identity and promote their products.
Sépinoud Ihami
Passionate about the current challenges of the digital industry, she brings to Galion her knowledge relating to the protection of privacy and personal data. She obtained a dual degree specialized in new technologies law and European business law.

Board of advisors

CEO Blockchain Partner
Cofounder & CEO of Blockchain Partner, French startup specialized in blockchain consulting services.
Lee Hong
Executive Advisor at Kyber Network
Blockchain growth investor with over 3 decades of experience across various industries.
CTO at WePower Network
Expert in complex systems and decentralized marketplaces.
Former Executive Vice President of Digital Security and Authentication, Morpho
Partner in charge of Blockchain matters, Fieldfisher
Legal advice on Blockchain and Crypto matters
M&A; Lawyer, Gide Loyrette Nouel
Corporate and Business Law

Our partners

Leading French consulting firm on Blockchain and crypto technologies.
Connecting the fragmented tokenized world by enabling instant and seamless transactions.
International Lawfirm with a specialized division on Blockchain and crypto technologies.
Comprehensive know-your-customer solution.
Leading French initiative around startups.
Leading French crypto community management and engagement firm.

Peace of mind for users: legal and security considerations.

Legal and security considerations are major issues. We have partnered with Fieldfisher and LegalUp Consulting to ensure full compliance with the law and the European General Data Protection Regulation.


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