The ultimate financial platform

The ultimate financial platform

Changing the way people track and manage their financial assets, crypto or not, and access world class financial expertise

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Core Features

The following features have already been developed and were all part of the Galion Beta, which is now closed.

Soon available as part of Galion’s mobile apps.


Clear financial picture

Quickly check the evolution of your portfolio, and what you currently own. Use our entirely modular approach to tailor your portfolio tracking experience to your personal needs.

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Market view

Stay up to date on the market by visualizing the Coinmarketcap top 100.

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Automated tracking

Galion is interfaced with exchanges APIs and blockchains. The value of every compatible account you have is automatically synced with Galion.

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Ledger and Metamask integration

Use the Galion web app to generate and broadcast Ethereum transactions with your Ledger Nano S and Metamask. Security meets simplicity.


Exchange your cryptos using Kyber Swap

We partnered with Kyber Network to offer our users the best possible decentralized exchange experience. Exchanging cryptos has never been that easy!


Our Partners

Coming Soon


Mobile Apps

The Galion team is working hard to release both iOS and Android versions of Galion in the first half of 2019.

Revolutionary financial management at your fingertips!

Traditional banking integration

You will soon be able to track and manage your traditional bank accounts alongside your crypto assets.

Complete 360 view of your financial life.

No fees crypto acquisition

Galion will provide you with an easy and intuitive solution to acquire cryptos using your favorite credit or debit card, or a SEPA wire transfer.

Access to the crypto ecosystem for everyone.

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